Papers for IHREC DAC Meeting on 17th October 2022

11.00am 1.1 Greetings, Apologies, Quorum, Declaration of Interest 
11.05am 1.2 Welcome from Chief Commissioner, Ms Sinéad Gibney
11.15am 1.3 Welcome from Chair, Dr Rosaleen McDonagh
11.30am 1.4 Welcome from Vice Chair, Mr Adam Harris
11.35am 1.5 Capacity Building for DAC Members. This is a discussion
11.50am Break
12.00noon 2.1 IHREC Disability Work, Dr Iris Elliott, Head of Policy and Research. This is a discussion
12.15pm 2.2 IHREC Disability Work, Mr Michael O’Neill, Head of Legal. This is a discussion
12.25pm 2.3 IHREC Disability Work, Ms Jean O’Mahony, Head of Strategic Engagement. This is a discussion
12.40pm 2.4 IHREC Disability Work, Dr Nusha Yonkova, Head of Anti-Human Trafficking. This is a discussion
12.50am 1.7 AOB 
13.00pm Close
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