How the National Platform Works

The National Platform of Self Advocates is a membership organisation.

Members can be individuals or local advocacy groups.

We have established a set of principles and rules to ensure that our members feel included and that our work is transparent, and aligned with the organisation’s mission and values.

Here are our principles:

1. Inclusivity:

We welcome individuals from all backgrounds, regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, gender, sexual orientation, disability, or socioeconomic status.

2. Equality:

All members have equal rights and opportunities within the organisation, regardless of their level of involvement or contribution.

3. Respect:

We treat all members with respect, dignity, and fairness. We have built a supportive and inclusive community.

4. Transparency:

We operate with transparency and accountability, providing clear information about membership criteria, rights, and responsibilities.

5. Participation:

We encourage active participation and engagement from all members, seeking their input, feedback, and involvement in decision-making processes.

6. Collaboration:

We promote collaboration, cooperation, and solidarity among members, recognising that our voices are stringer together.

7. Empowerment:

We empower members to advocate for their interests, contribute to positive change, and make a meaningful impact in their communities.

8. Continuous Improvement:

We strive for continuous improvement, regularly reviewing and our policies.

1. Membership Eligibility:

Individuals or groups who support our mission and share the ethos of the organisation are eligible to become members.

2. Application Process:

Self advocates who want to become members must complete a membership application form.  We need an email address to allow us to communicate with our members.

3. Membership Categories:

You can be an individual member or you can be part of a local advocacy group that is a member. You can also be an individual member even if you are part of a group member.

5. Rights and Privileges:

Members have the right to:

  • participate in general meetings
  • vote at local level
  • participate in new strategic plan development
  • put themselves forward for regional representative positions
  • and receive regular updates and communications.

6. Code of Conduct:

Members are expected to be respectful to all other members. Members are expected to work together for the good of the National Platform and people with disabilities. 

7. Termination of Membership:

Membership may be terminated if a member doesn’t respect the mission and ethof of the National Platform of Self Advocates.