Join Us


We want you to join us so that we can fight for the rights of people with disabilities together.
We believe that working as a group is better than working on our own.

By joining us we will ‘Stand Up and Speak Out’ as one voice.

How to Join

Individual self-advocates and Local Advocacy groups can become members of the Platform.
Other people can join our mailing list to get updates on our work.

What you should expect from us

You will receive information about the work of the National Platform and our members.
We will tell you when there are consultations and events that we think you are interested in.
You can come to regional and national meetings where we will talk about our rights and issues that affect us.
You can come to workshops and training.
You can come to our Conferences.
You can take part in our conferences.
You can put yourself forward to be elected onto the Steering Committee from your region.
You can be a Platform Representative for your County or group.


What we expect from you

We expect you to participate in meetings.
We expect you to contribute to the Strategic plan when it is being revised.
We expect you to tell people about the National Platform of Self Advocates so that we can make our voice stronger.


Individual Members

Individual self advocates can join the National Platform.
You need to have your own email address to be a member.
You can still join as an individual member even if you are part of an advocacy group.

Are you part of an Advocacy Group?

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Advocacy Group Members

A self advocacy group can join the National Platform.
To be a member group we want one email address. This email address will be the main way we will contact each other.

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