Research & Publications



We have undertaken research on some of the issues that people with intellectual disabilities experience.

We always include our members in our research.

Writing about the lived experience of disability shows the real challenges people with disabilities face. 

Employment Report

The Irish Human Rights and Equality Commission (IHREC) funded the National Platform to carry out research on employment of people with intellectual disabilities. The reearch examined the barriers to employment for people with intellectual disabilities. We also looked at potential answers to increasing the participation and retention in employment.

This report is called Improving Access to Employment for People with Disabilities.

We also wrote an Easy to Read Version of the report.

Housing and Transport Research

This research involved the National Platform of Self Advocates with the support of NUIG in gathering lived experiences of people as far apart as Kerry, Galway, Limerick and Dublin. The research was funded by the Irish Research Council.

The report is called Our Lived Experiences of Housing and Transport.

Using Technology to Support Self Advocacy

Due to the wide range of actions that the National Platform Steering Committee have been asked to carry out, their work has become increasingly busy and demanding.
The National Platform’s Research and Evaluation Sub Committee suggested carrying out a study on how technology could assist National Platform members in doing their advocacy work. One self advocate agreed to participate in this study and to work with a researcher who recorded word for word his experiences of using technology and to see if the use of technology helped him to carry out the advocacy work of the National Platform. The study also looked at how the use of technology affected his personal life.

The report is called Impact of Technology as a Tool in Supporting Self Advocacy.