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Launch of National Platform of Self Advocates Network

Our organisation has developed a strong nationally recognised voice for people with intellectual disabilities.

We are establishing a National Network of Local Advocacy Groups to empower people like us to speak up and take their rightful place in their communities and organisations.

We have piloted working with a selection of groups and established a way of working that will create a more powerful and inclusive organisation.

We plan to:
(1)Meet regionally with existing and new groups across Ireland.

(2)Deliver training workshops to support people’s capacity to self-advocate and understand their rights as defined in the UNCRPD.

(3)Deliver workshops in the use of inclusive technology to facilitate people that are isolated (e.g. geographically) and who have less opportunity to travel.

(4)Develop online training modules in advocacy, leadership and human rights.

(5)Develop website further as a means to allow people to communicate directly with us, to keep people informed and provide a system for them to contribute to responses to consultations and participation in meetings.

Individuals and advocacy groups can become members of the National Platform. 

We will meet new members in person or online to make sure that they share our ethos and want to make the lives of people with disability better.